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Title: Curse Village Reawakening

Description: Someone may ask why people speak so much about zombies. The thing is that this concept is so strongly rooted and we can’t do anything about it. Testimonies of this claim are all the concepts about a zombie apocalypse narrated in the literature, in the movies or the games.

A zombie apocalypse signifies a widespread rise of zombies antagonistic to human life that takes to a broad attack on civilization. Most often the victims are people who are bitten by zombies or who met a zombie-creating virus that was traveling by air or water. In other scenarios zombies’ bite causes an infection that kills.

Game Walkthrough: Never enough of these damn zombies! They destroy whole villages! After they destroyed another village and the last survived guy was hoping to have a rest, he got a telephone call telling him that the terrible zombies are attacking again, destroying every village they meet. Even if he has lost his telekinetic powers in the last fight he must go on because he knows best with zombies.

Your task in this game is to shoot the zombies that are coming to you in waves. At first their number will be lower but it’s going to grow with time. Make sure that you kill them before they demolish your barrier made of barrels and change your weapons when you feel that you need that.

Game Instructions: Well the controls for playing are quite easy to learn. You are playing with the mouse when you aim and you shoot. Use the left click for shooting. For changing the weapons use the keys from 1 to 6. When you like to take a rest from the game, just click P for pause. If you go to options you may change the basic settings of the things that follow the game like volume of the music and the sound effects as well as the quality of the graphics. Now go on and show them who you are! Good luck with those ugly creatures!

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Added: 2 May 2010
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