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Title: I Am Legend

Description: Imagine that there was a terrible apocalypse and you are the only guy who is immune to a man-made virus originally created to cure cancer. Well that is what has happened to Robert Neville, a brilliant scientist, who couldn’t contain the awful virus that was unstoppable and deadly. He is the last human survivor that founds himself in what is left of New York City, and perhaps the world. Neville could be the only human but he is definitely not alone, he is surrounded by ‘the Infected’ which are actually victims of the infection who have turned into carnivorous beings. These creatures could only survive in the dark and eat or infect anyone or anything on their way.

Three years, Neville scavenges for food, devotedly sending out radio messages, desperate to locate any other survivors who could be out there. However the Infected lurk in the shadows is watching Neville's every motion and waits for him to make a deadly error. At this point when Neville is by all odds the last hope for the humanity, he has to do the only remaining mission - to find a manner to invalidate the outcomes of the virus, using his own resistant blood. On other hand, his blood is as well what Infected hunt, and Neville is quickly running out of time….

Game Walkthrough: Well this was the short plot of the excellent Science Fiction action movie called I Am legend, with Will Smith in the main role. The ending of the movie is not important for you in this case because the following game gives you the chance to create your own ending, according to your abilities and your cleverness. The situation is the same, Will Smith is the only survivor and now he has to accomplish one really hard mission – to save the mankind. On his way he will have to face some really difficult challenges- in the first level he has to jump over rocks to get to the next level and after that, he will have to shoot all the zombies and all monsters that will come on his way. Are you prepared to be his companion on his way to save the humanity?

Game Instructions: Saving the humanity is a mission that asks from you to be really dedicated, so prepare yourself well and start the mission conscientiously. The first level will ask from you to jump on rocks and for that you will use the space bar. Aim well and jump, without falling down! After you’ve passed the rocks, comes the real challenge – zombies and monsters! You’ll have to shoot all of them, to get the cure. In this case move using the arrow keys and fire pressing the space bar. Don’t forget to collect bullets on your way, to refill later, and emergency kits for extra life. Use the power ups as well. Since this is a mission that may happen once in a lifetime, do your best getting rid of the virus and the zombies!

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