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Title: Agh Zombies

Description: The age 2012 is the last year on earth, there were a lot of predictions that the apocalypse is near, and no one will stay alive. But what if instead of flooding and earthquakes, the end comes with zombies???

Game Walkthrough: You’re alone on London’s street, it’s 29 February 2012. Yes you’re right it’s the last day on earth, you start to see zombies all around, and they can feel your fear. Zombies are coming right at you, they are so hungry and can smell your blood, what are waiting for start fighting them if you want to stay alive. Try to collect as many possible medical supplies and packages of bullets. Use them wisely they’re all you got.

Game Instructions: In this game the most important is to stay alive, in order to do that use your arrow keys to move around, to fire your gun press ‘A’ baton, and when you’re out of bullets press ’S’ baton to punch zombie. This is not easy at all, but maybe it’s you who can do it!!!

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Added: 12 March 2010
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