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Title: Friday The 24th

Description: Jason Voorhees is the scary character from the Friday the 13th series. He is the young son of camp cook-turned-murderer, Mrs. Voorhees that appears in different roles during the series but he is always an antagonist. He shows up as a person who stalks or kills the characters, or is a psychological threat to the lead character. Together with Freddy Kruger, Jason is definitely the character that most famous horror character ever.

Game Walkthrough: You should better not be afraid from Jason, the guy with a hokey mask, because actually you will play with him in this game. Show all your cruelty in a harmless way, while playing this game. Today is not Friday 13th, but it’s Christmas Eve, and Jason is so pissed off on this day too. He decides that he should kill all elves, take all presents, and after that kill even Santa. Your job will be to help him do his job and earn a lot of points.

Game Instructions: It’s time to be really wicked and do some bad things… Left and Right arrow keys will help you move left and right through the game, A key will use you to attack (one tab to stab and two tabs to slice); W is for vertical slice; S for grabbing, and D to unleash rage.

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Added: 1 March 2010
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gamer (30 April 2010):
Clap hands love it so much
danie m ya bam (1 March 2010):
this is so fun a didny know killing and cancelling christmas could be soo fun lol  Happy  Clap hands
fukin genius
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