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Title: Quietus 2

Description: Are you afraid of dead? I’m asking you, because this game puts you in situation when you are back from the dead, but unfortunately you have died once more and this time there in no returning back. The only chance that you get is to go to heaven if you manage to find the way to that place. While moving through the game, try not to fall into the red material, because that will kill you. Try to respond on the surrounding with the moves that best fits that kind of surroundings , for an example, when you see a pieces of lands separated with a red danger material, make an effort to pass the level by jumping on the pieces lands…

Game Instructions: After pressing ‘enter’, you can start with playing the game by following these instructions: you can move through the game by using the ASDW keys on the keyboard or you can use the arrow keys, for moving forward you must press ‘right’ arrow; moving backward you must press ‘left’ arrow; jumping can be done by pressing ‘up’ arrow; and down arrow is used for opening the chest. If there is need to return to the menu and select level, do that by pressing ‘R’ key on the keyboard. ‘M’ key will mute the game. Now that you are familiar with the basic stuff, you can try playing this game…

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Added: 2 October 2012
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