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Title: The Call

Description: The fight between good and evil is old as time. For example people have that battle in themselves when they need to do something. Should we do the right or the wrong thing, that’s the decision we have to make every day of our lives? But have you ever had the chance to come face to face with something so evil and so dark? Have you ever been put to the test and had to fight the Devil?

Game Walkthrough:The character you are controlling in this game is a priest. He has to defeat the evil in this story of power and control. You have your holy water on your side and you need to use it wisely against your evil opponents. Yes, it’s scary but you have to show some bravery and don’t back down when you get face to face with your opponents. We have to mention that this priest has to have the characteristics of a real action hero because that’s what is needed when the elimination of the evil is in your hands. You have to make him jump through obstacles, confront enemies and get the job done. You have seven lives at your disposal so use them wisely. It’s not like in real life when one wrong step will take you to the grave. Oh, no. In here you have seven chances but remember that you need to be careful and don’t waste them. This game is such an adrenaline simulator, that you won’t believe it. Once you start playing it, you might found yourself doing that for hours and hours. Please, don’t blame us! It’s just part of the charm of ‘The Call’.

Game Instructions:All you need to have to play this game is a full functioning keyboard. To move your character through space use the arrow keys on the keyboard. Actually to make him move to the right or to the left press the right or left key. On the other hand to make him jump or crouch press the up or down key. To make the priest throw holy water use the space bar, to pause the game use the P key. Well, common assist this priest in the battle against all evil.

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