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Title: Night Exorcist Game

Description: In case that you didn’t know, exorcism is a process of chasing ghosts out of some person. When a person is haunted by a ghost he usually becomes different person, he is more furious, he may start go after other people trying to hurt them, destroys everything that is around him…ok, ok, we are not experts for exorcism, actually we don’t know if this procedure actually exist, but that is what we have seen in the movies. Actions related to chasing ghosts and capturing monsters will be involved in the next game too.

Game walkthrough: This will be one interesting adventure full of many paranormal sights and activities. You are trying to catch a ghost but besides that, you need to kill various monsters too. When you meet the creatures, shoot at them and after you’ve killed them, their ghost will try to fly away and you need to catch it. On your way, don’t forget to open the chests that you’ll find because there could be found some hidden weapons and treasures that will help you advance more in the game. Besides those things, there will be other obstacles also that are positioned on the ground and you need to jump over them. In case that you don’t succeed to jump them over, or some of the monsters catches you before you kill him, you will lose some health. At the right upper corner of the scene there is a health bar and there is shown how much is there for you left. Try to avoid every kind of obstacle and keep this bar full because if it becomes totally empty, the game will be over for you.

Game instructions: For moving in this game, you’ll be using the arrow keys (Up for jumping when you get to some obstacle on your way, but also to open the chests, Down for going down or actually for hiding from the ghosts when there is no chance to shoot them, left for going backward and right for going straight). But you can’t kill monsters just by walking, for killing the monsters and firing, use the space bar and that’s all you need to know about the instructions.

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