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Title: Zombies in the Shadow II

Description: Zombies in the Shadow II is an amazing game, not like any other zombie game, and anyone who has ever played the first part can tell you this. However, the great thing is that even if you haven’t played the first part of this game, you can still play the second one without anything missing, because we are here to explain to you, in short, what you will need to do. So, if you are ready for us, we are ready for you. Read the instructions and walkthrough carefully and there is nothing to worry about.

Game Walkthrough: There is everything in this game, and there is a lot of everything. One you start you will see that for yourself, but let me just tell you that you will be confronting tons of zombies, you will need to survive bomb explosions, you will need to shoot a lot and all this is order to survive and in order to kill all the zombies in the game. You will also need to confront the zombie bosses which are a lot harder to kill that the regular zombies, so make sure you are ready for this. You will have the chance to purchase a lot of different weapons and upgrades. Now move on to the instructions and pay a lot of attention, because there are quite a few that you need to remember.

Game instructions: The controls for your movement are the WASD keys and the WASD keys alone. Your mouse will be your weapon, so move it to aim and press the left mouse button to shoot. Everything that you own will be stored in your inventory, so if you want to use something, just press the spacebar and it will open your inventory. You can switch the weapons you own by pressing the numerical keys from 1 to 3, and you can reload your weapon by pressing the R button. There are some other instructions that you may find useful, like the X key for jumping over barricades, the F key for throwing devices, as well as the Z key in order to use the IR vision. I think you have had enough for now, so move on to the game and enjoy it!

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