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Title: Madness-Project Nexus

Description: Are you more into pure fighting or you may like a game that includes a storyline and where the game play is based on it? Well the following game has the both aspects, so check out what this Project Nexus is about.

Game Walkthrough: If you choose the story mode of this game you will realize that you are somewhere in Nevada. You’ll be playing as Hank who needs to rescue his friends. You will move through this strange place full with laboratories, and face a lot of enemies that need to be killed. Your mission is to stay alive there and kill them all. This goes for the story mode while the Arena mode allows you to practice your skills and earn money. You are at the same area but now you are fighting only with your hands. There will be waves of enemies that need to be managed, so again kill them all and stay alive. With the earned money you can buy upgrades and continue the game.

Game Instructions: For moving through the space you’ll be using the W, A, S and D keys and when there is a door in front of you, no matter if it’s open or closed, press the space bar. You will see that you will face enemies on your ways and to kill them use the mouse. aim at the enemy moving the mouse and shoot at him using the left mouse click. Your munitions and the power of your weapon is not unlimited so sometimes you will need to go for other weapon. For changing your weapon, to choose gun or a sword, press the Q key from the keyboard. In case that you get near to some object that could be used as shield, press the space bar again and you’ll be protected. From that point you can kill enemies knowing that you are protected from bullets. With clicking space bar again, you leave the place. In the arena mode you are fighting with your hands and again you are using mouse clicking.

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