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Title: Zombies in Central Park

Description: There are not a lot of games in the virtual online gaming world that have the education element in them. Oh, don’t worry we are not talking about a boring lecture. On the contrary, we want to say that you can learn something and in the meanwhile have crazy fun. That’s the concept behind ‘Zombies in Central Park’, a very simple to play but interesting and intelligent game. Would you like to try it?

Game Walkthrough:This is actually a hidden objects game but we are putting your knowledge as well as your perception skills to the test. So, this is the story. There are so many zombies or as they are known the living dead in the Central Park. They won’t attack you and they don’t even want to kill you. These zombies are actually famous people from the music, political, fashion and other worlds. They are maybe famous at this moment or have been long time ago. Nevertheless you should know who they are and what they look like. So, at first we will put a name of a person at the bottom of the screen and your job is to find them in the crowd. Don’t worry, they all have distinctive marks on them and you can easily spot them if you have the necessary basic information about the famous man or woman. We also encourage you if you don’t know a certain person to look him or her up on the internet. That way you will broaden your knowledge and learn something new. Also we have to mention that you have to find 43 celebrities on the picture. Keep in mind that while you play this game, you might lose track of time. It’s pretty addictive.

Game Instructions:You can play this game only with the help of the computer mouse. Move the arrow all around and once you spot the famous person you are looking for move the arrow key over it and click on the left button. Then you can move to the next celebrity. Well, don’t hesitate. Open your eyes and broaden your knowledge!

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