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Title: Zombie Infestation

Description: It is time for you to transfer yourself in one story that we will tell you. There was one failed mission you were involved in, and now you are trapped in a bomb shelter. Your mission was to find The Carrier and now you need to continue your mission and to get alive from that state. This place has 125 areas in total, 5 floors with 25 areas on each, and only one weapon in your hands, and the carrier is placed on that place.

Game walkthrough: Actually this was the plot of the game that follows and as you may guess, this will be extra game, full with a lot of action. On your way of finding the Carrier, you will face a lot of things and you need to find your way out. By ‘a lot of things’ we mean zombies too, and you better kill all of those zombies because in opposite case they won’t have any mercy for you. Besides the zombies, there are also some zombified animals and they are dangerous too. And if you are asking yourself why you are looking for this career, here is the answer. Supposedly it has the key to this stain, and by destroying it you will save the planet from the terrible zombie infection.

Game instructions: So, first we will tell you not to get scared from all this instructions for playing the game, even if they seem as they are too much. It goes like this: for moving you’ll be using W, A, S, D or arrow keys; for running hold down shift key. When you need to shoot, move the mouse to aim and then press the left mouse button to shoot. The number keys from 1 to 5 will use you for changing weapons and they will be available later. When you need to reload your weapon, press R key. The Space bar will help you collect items and open doors; X key is for using Medkits, C for using Armorkits and M to view the Minimap. If you need to pause the game and go to the menu, press P. Yes, it could be a lot but once you get it; your fingers will start moving by their own.

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