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Title: Father Omalley

Description: Father Omalley is an old and experienced priest but in his whole career he hasn’t seen something like this – terrible zombies are rising out of their graves, with intention to invade the earth. But Father Omalley is not a weak man, he has decided that he needs to solve this situation and he has start a journey followed by killing zombies. Help Father Omalley do his job.

Game walkthrough: We can’t say that this is a classical zombie game where you simply kill zombies. Yes, again you kill zombies but the situation is little bit different. You would move through the game with Father Omalley. Your weapon for killing will be crosses that need to be thrown at the zombies, and at the same time you would need to save yourself from the rising lava. At the beginning there will be only few zombies but as you advance in the game, their number will become bigger and bigger, and they will start reaching you from all sides. To advance in the game, you need to get to the right edge, to the end of this strange route, and to win the game, you need to complete 20 levels. Each level can be replayed numerous times, in case you don’t manage to pass it from first, and the points will be calculated at the end of the game. Aside from this fact, we all know that the pleasure is bigger in case that you go through the game without any difficulties so we suggest you to concentrate well, look on every side and don’t let any zombie surprise you.

Game instructions: So, in this game you will have to kill the zombies that will come on your way but of course, you would need to escape them too. For moving you’ll be using the left and right arrow keys from the keyboard while for jumping you will use the up arrow key. You will kill the zombies with the crosses and to throw a cross, use the X key. Also this key will serve you if you like to replay certain level.

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