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Title: TNT Zombies

Description: Those zombies are really restless! They can appear in any time, on any place so man could not know what will appear in front of his eyes in some moment…

Game Walkthrough: Here is one working man that comes home after his work but it seems that the street is not as tidy as it was when he went on work, there is a terrible mess out there. This man is asking himself for a while what has happen but soon he realizes that actually the zombies have made things like that. And what should he do? To try to escape, or to take some action? He chooses the second option; he will destroy them all using TNT! The game is consisted of 28 amazing levels in which you task will be the same – to destroy the zombies. The interesting thing about the game will be the way of destroying them. You have TNT dynamite and you need to place it on a right place and activate it to destroy the zombie. The tricky part of the game is that the dynamite can be placed only on the stone blocks and sometimes they won’t be so close to the zombies. In those situations you should think for a while and make a nice strategy to kill the zombie. For example you should make the zombies jump and hit themselves into something or struck them on razors, do everything that is in your power, just don’t let anyone to stay alive. In the first level you have only one dynamite and that would be enough but in more advanced levels the number of zombies is bigger and the same goes for the TNT. As you advance through the game there will be a greater challenge for you so try to take it! it is nice that the game doesn’t set you time limit so you may think for a while before you take the next move.

Game Instructions: The game is played with the mouse. find a place where you think that the diamante should be positioned, place it by clicking with the mouse, and then click on the detonator to blow it away.

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Added: 18 September 2012
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