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Title: Headplode

Description: There are missions more important than all the rest and would you rise to the occasion if one is offered to you. We are giving you that type of a task in this virtual online game and you need to decide if you will press start or chicken out. This is the job, you have to clean out this world from all the zombies or as we know them the living dead. Although in most of the cases this crazy creatures attack you, in ‘Headplode’ this won’t happen. But on the other hand you have to destroy them before something bad happens. So what do you say?

Game Walkthrough:This game is flooded with zombies. You need to put a bullet through their head. This is the job we want you to do. But it’s not that simple as shooting without thinking. No, in ‘Headplode’ we are raising the difficulty bar a little bit more. We are giving you a certain order in which you need to kill the zombies otherwise you won’t be able to get the job done. At the top of the screen we will present to you the order in which you should do the task. Look at it first and then do it. Also don’t shoot at the zombie’s chest, or feet, or … Always aim at the head. That way you will eliminate them with only one shoot. Also at the top of the screen you will see the statistics where you can keep track on your status. Naturally as you progress in this game, the missions will get more and more complicated. There will be more zombies to kill in more complicated order that you need to follow. But if you put all your concentration into this game, you will get the task done in no time. Try it!

Game Instructions:All you need is the computer mouse. You can aim at you enemies by moving it and shoot at them by pressing the left button on the mouse. It’s that easy. So, what do you say? Are you up for this kind of a mission? Believe us, it won’t be easy but it sure will be fun.

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