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Title: Undeath Restaurant

Description: If you are one of those zombie game fans, you probably know that most of the zombie games have a similar task for you…and that is to kill zombies! But if you are sick of that shooting, we have to offer you a little bit different zombie game! A fun zombie game! Yeah, this time, you won`t need to do anything about killing zombies, but actually you will need to help the zombie chef! So, what do you say about a task like this?

Game Walkthrough: Well, zombies have to eat something, right? Yeah, they are very keen on human flash and it is disgusting, but anyway…Your task in this game is to help the weird undead zombie chef to cook the creepy food for the zombies! So, if you are asking how you can help him, we are here to tell you that! You will see two moving lines on which there are many different foods…mmm…they look delicious! Ups…look better; those are human body parts…eyes and other stuff! Ok, however, at the bottom stripe you will see the genuine foods, while at the upper stripe you will see only the shades of those same foods. So, your task is to click on the real food and bring it to its shade. Sounds interesting? And it is…but you must react really, really fast, buddy, because those stripes are moving so fast too and it is very difficult to catch the foods. There are more levels, so in the first one you will have to put 5 foods into their shades, and you need to accomplish this in only 20 seconds. Do you think you can do that? You better do, because if the zombies stay hungry, who knows what they are able to do…maybe they will eat you instead?

Game Instructions: For the reason that this is a click and drag type of game, you have to use only your mouse to help the chef. The only thing you should do is to click on the certain foods that are moving in front of you, and drag them to their shades! So, be quick and have fun, pal!!!

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Added: 14 September 2012
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