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Title: Drugster

Description: Viruses are very dangerous occurrence in the human body and they can cause many serious problems and diseases. So, in order to stop their spreading we usually take some pills that will eliminate their harmful act in our organism! Well, there are some new 'alternative' claims that persuade us not to take pills, but to try to clean the body with natural remedies and increased intake of vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables. All these things contribute to a higher level of the immune system which is responsible for our overall health! So, the choice is yours!

Game Walkthrough: However, in this game, which is very unique, you have a task to navigate the pill and kill all those microorganisms or bacteria that emerge! Yeah, you will see a picture of the human body, but without the bones and skin, only depicting the inner organs. Oh, it will be weird…A head with the eyes and brain and other organs…so you need to watch those creepy bacteria that look like some black bugs that are popping up everywhere and eat them. Hmm, yeah, you have a really unusual task here, and you actually have to eliminate them all as you go over them. that`s all you should do! So, you will have to jump from one eye to the other, or walk around the brain… and it is about a pill that travels in a human body. Your task is to kill all the microorganisms that are spreading in the organism in order to beat the virus! You must react as fast as possible in order to save the patient from getting ill and finally dying! It is fascinating to search travel ways. In order to power up, you need to gather the red, blue and green crosses you will see there! So, come on, clean the body of all those nasty microorganisms and keep it alive and healthy as long as you can. But you have to be really fast, since the bacteria are dispersing with an incredible speed!

Game Instructions: Well, as a conclusion, we need to present you the control keys you need to use here in order to navigate Drugster, and they are the arrow keys form your keyboard. Yeah, you will be able to move this pill with these keys, so come on…go for those bacteria and eat them! Yeah, just walk over them, that`s all you need to do!

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