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Title: Boxhead-The Rooms

Description: Are you ready for another zombie shooting action? If, so, now you will have the chance to play the new zombie adventure from the Boxhead series, called 'the Rooms'! Prepare well and let`s see what expects you here!

Game Walkthrough: 'The rooms' is a great zombie game with a very basic graphical model. It is based on those cubes, and if you have played some of the Boxhead games before, you probably know how it looks! In this game you will have a task to navigate your character that is also made of cubes. All the levels you will go through as well as the zombies are also made of cubes! So, it is all cubes around you…it is going to be very entertaining! On the whole, this game has a very interesting visual appearance and it is even suitable for young children! Although you will have to deal with zombies, there is nothing scary or disgusting! Ok, so enough with the visual aspects…let`s say a few words about the game play…by the way, this game has a very simple game play, but a very challenging and a very addicting one! Yeah, you will be able to spend a very long time playing this game, without noticing that so much time has passed. There are five levels or settings you can choose from: the columns, the box, the bridge, the tunnels or the tomb. So, pick one of them and start playing! You will be offered a lot of weapons to destroy the zombies and you will be able to get better ones as you get a higher score. So, try to earn a lot of points and you`ll get a really cool weapons…shotguns, mines, barrels and so on! And you should know that those barrels are able to block off some sections, so if a mass of zombies has enclosed it you can blow them up with only one shot!

Game Instructions: This is a game where you need to use the arrow keys from your keyboard in order to move your character around as well as the Space bar to shoot! You should also use the number keys from 1-8 to select weapons. As you can see you don`t need your mouse in this game! Well, play this addicting game as it should and eliminate all the zombies!

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Added: 13 September 2012
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