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Title: Blood Red

Description: You are out there all alone. The sun is going down and it is taking with it the day light. It is almost red and it comes as a prediction of a bloody night. You have a gun and you are ready to use it. Fortunately you have enough ammo. You know that you are in a dangerous area and there is no one that can help you. Some of your friend went there and they never come back. That's why you are here, to find out what had happened and if there is any chance to avenge their death. You were researching the surrounding, when suddenly a hand appeared from the ground. It was a sign that you are in trouble. It was a zombie that is trying to reach you. And it is not the only one. Obviously you are on their territory and now you will have to fight for your life. Now you know what had happened to your friends, and you are totally horrified, but you should think how to get out of there. Shoot the ugly creatures and take care!

Game Walkthrough: At the beginning you will be offered to choose between a Survival Mode and a Horde Mode. In the Survival mode it is required to survive all the 15 waves of attacks by the zombies. You can buy and upgrade new weapons along the difficult way to fight off the enemies that will be increasingly difficult to defeat. But you have no other option, but fight them till the end.

Game Instructions: To play this game it will be required from you to use some of the keyboard keys in combination with the mouse. So, to aim and shoot you should move the mouse across the screen and to click the left mouse button. To move left and right you will have to use the left and right arrow keys, or the A and D keys. Use the up arrow key, or the W key to switch weapons. The down arrow key or the S key will be on your disposal when you need to reload your weapon.

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