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Title: Resident Devil

Description: Have you seen the movie 'Resident Evil'? The beautiful Mila Jovovich stars in it, and it is based upon a video game called resident evil. In it, Mila is the main character, the heroine, and the film follows her and a band of commandos in their attempts to contain an outbreak of a very serious and deadly virus. This is not that game, but it is a very similar one, which also involves a deadly infection, however, this time, the hero/heroine is you!

Game walkthrough: The name of the city which has been affected by this deadly virus which transforms people into zombies is called Raton City. And this is the city where you live, but not for much longer. By some miracle, you are the only one that has not been affected with this virus. But, the hardest part is yet to come. Even though you have managed to stay alive and healthy till now, the only way to continue so is to get the hell out of that city. You will be armed with a gun, and you will need to shoot at the zombies who are going to be attacking you in order to harm you and not let you leave the city alive. Make sure that you avoid their attacks and shoot at them as much as you can, sometimes one single shot will not kill them.

Game instructions: Since your only task in this game is to somehow escape the infected city without being infected yourself, you will only need one instruction, and that is how to shoot the zombie bastards. And the way to do this is with your mouse, of course. You are going to be in a car, so you will be on the move at all times, and zombies will be on the way, waiting for you to pass and attack you either with their knives or other items they find. Aim with the mouse at them, for the most precise shot aim for their heads, and then press the left mouse button to shoot. I really hope that you manage to excape this awful city and these dreadful zombies!

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Added: 9 September 2012
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kizi2 (10 November 2012):
good, thanks
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