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Title: Zombie Week

Description: I am sure that you have played many zombie games so far, I know I have definitely played my share so far, but most of them have been very short and usually lasted only for a day or sometimes two. Well, things are about to change. In the game you are about to play, we are not talking about days, we are talking about weeks. A week of zombies! So if you are up for a week of hell, then feel free to join us in this next game and try and survive it! But before you start, read the other two passages first, because you will need all the help you can get.

Game walkthrough: Not only will you need to survive a whole week of zombies, you are also going to need to deal with hordes and hordes of zombies each day. So apart from physically, you will need to be mentally ready, as well as equipped with the best weapons. As we all know, a week has seven days, and you are going to go through this game from day one and move your way to day seven, but that is only if you manage to survive each day of zombie hell. And right before you start, you are going to get to buy all kinds of weapons and upgrades that you will need in order to shoot zombies. At first you will be given a certain amount of money to get you started, but the rest you will need to earn on your own. So, if you are ready, all that is left is for me to tell you a bit more about the controls needed.

Game instructions: For movement, you can either use the arrow or the WASD keys on your computer, depending on what you are used to. You can pause the game whenever you feel like it by a simple click on the P key, or the ESC button. The E key is to use the medical kit when you need it, while the mouse and left mouse button are for aiming and shooting. The space bar is also in function in this game, and its functions when you press it is to throw a grenade. As far as I am concerned, this is all you need, so if you got everything, you can proceed and start the week of hell! Hope you make it to day seven!

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