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Title: Escape from Zombie Town

Description: As fun as the title of this game may sound, believe me, nothing that is related with zombies is easy and you always need to do a lot of stuff in order to get rid of them, because there is always a lot of them and they usually stick together in groups, and it is always harder to destroy someone when they come in such large numbers. Well, this game is no exception, and just like most of the games with zombies, you are going to need to give your best if you want to succeed.

Game walkthrough: As the title of this game itself says, your town has been taken over by zombies. They are everywhere, in the buildings, on the streets, in schools, at places where people work, just everywhere. And there is just too many of them, so there is no use of fighting in order to take control of your town, all you can do is run and try to escape alive from there. And if things weren’t bad enough, you are right in the middle of everything. This is why you must do everything in your power, because if you do not manage to escape, if nobody manages to escape, than the entire country, even the entire continent will be run by zombies and the human race will disappear. But you will not allow for that to happen, now will you!?

Game instructions: Now, if you want to successfully escape from these awful zombies and from the hideous zombie town, there are several instructions that you will need to follow. The whole town is in ruins, and you will need to move among those ruins and escape zombies that will try to kill you, so the most important instructions that I can give you are the ones for movement. And those are, of course, the arrow keys. So make your way through the burned city and try to find a way out alive, because if you happen to step onto zombie path, your brain will be eaten and your body will be left to rotten.

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