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Title: 13 Days

Description: Home is the place where we feel the safe, loved and secure and usually there is only one place in the Earth like that. But on the opposite side of home is the location where horror stories become real. Have you been to a place like that? Would you like to go? Take your time and think about it. Once you press start there is no turning back. You have to find a way to spend 13 days in location where your nightmares come true. Nobody said it would be easy. But it will sure be fun …

Game Walkthrough: As we’ve said, you are in a place where so many bad things happen and which is filled with zombies (people that have died and now have risen from the dead and in this case want to taste your blood). We are not leaving you to defend yourself only with your bare hands. You have a weapon and in order to eliminate your opponents, we strongly advise you to shoot them in the head. Also be prepared that there are so many of them and it’s only you on the side of good. If you let the zombies come close to you than they will harm you and eventually you will die. Also you will be working under a time limit. You will have a certain amount of time to get the certain job done and also on the long term you have to leave through 13 days in this hell to finish the game. In this game you have to be brave, precise and show no mercy. Only then you can come out of this alive and of course as a winner.

Game Instructions: You have to combine your keyboard and your computer mouse to play this game. If you want to shoot just move the mouse and if you want to shoot press the left button. Also as you progress in the game there are a lot of weapons that you can use and you have to press the keys 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to select them. To reload the guns use the R key or the space bar. There is not much else to say except fight the evil!

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