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Title: Pit Walker 2

Description: When you come face to face with the forces of evil you have to be brave. I have to admit that if I have a zombie in front of me, I would freeze up and wouldn’t make a move. I know what the right choice is, to shoot at him but I am too chicken to do that. So, this game is the perfect one for me. Do you think it’s for you also? In here I can train and become braver in certain scary situations because in life you should always fight and never back down. Look the evil forces in the eyes and say to them ‘You are going down!’

Game Walkthrough: It’s you versus hundreds of attackers. Besides that you are also the only human in this game. The rest are zombies and unnatural creatures whose souls you need to free by (of course) killing them. They are possessed by the evil spirits and that’s the only way to help them. So, the essence of ‘Pit Walker 2’ is to shoot like a real professional and also sneak around this place like you are (for example) a spy. It’s not an easy job but you can do it. If you don’t have the perfect score the first time you play it, we advise you to be patient. Play the game over and over again and develop certain skills that maybe you didn’t even know you had them in you. Also bear in mind that once you put on your headphones, you are a part of the scary virtual world in this game. The music in the background might make your blood freeze but also it will give the full horror experience that will make your adrenaline start pumping.

Game Instructions: You have to use the keyboard and the computer mouse to be the best player in this game. To aim and shoot use the mouse and to make your character move then use the WASD or the arrow keys on the keyboard. You can reload your weapon by hitting the space bar or the R key. It’s not that hard to remember this. Also before you begin playing take a quick look at the tutorial part of the game and have crazy anti-evil fun experience.

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