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Title: Monster Mash 2

Description: If you have played the first version of Monster Mash, now you will have a chance to play the sequel of it…yeah, Monster Mash 2 is here for you! It is very similar to the first one, although these one has some updated and improved graphics! But, for those who haven`t played the first version, here are some basic instructions.

Game Walkthrough: This is a really great game set in a cemetery. But also it is a zombie game and everything is in the sign of All Hollows Eve (the setting is creepy by itself), it is still a very fun game, because all these things are depicted in a cartoon manner, so this game can be played by young children as well. So, similar to a great number of zombie games, in which enemies appear from the distance, here you will also have to deal with them. So, what would be your objective in this zombie game…well, sure…kill as many monsters as you can!!! But the interesting thing in this game is the fact that these zombies and skeletons and other monsters appear in a different way each time. So, this means that at first you may see only one zombie and as soon as you kill it, after that 3 or 4 skeletons will appear, and after shooting them a whole army of zombie-like creatures will approach you. Another thing is that these monsters are presented in some kind of big version, so you will have a feeling that they are going to come up from the screen. But as we said previously, not in a creepy way…but in a fun way! Zombies, cats in devil costumes, and ghosts and other monsters…there is a little bit of everything! But your task is to kill everything that moves on this cemetery! This game has a pretty simple game-play and you will be able to take out the monsters by only one shot!

Game Instructions: Well, buddy, this game is played only by the computer mouse! It is all just clicking, so grab the mouse in your hand and start this shooting action on the cemetery until you eliminate all the zombies!!!

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Added: 1 September 2012
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