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Title: Boxhead-The Zombie Wars

Description: Here is another great zombie game from the Boxhead series! Yeah, this time The Zombie Wars is waiting for you! Those annoying robot-like zombies are attacking again!! And let`s see what is your objective in this zombie game, the latest in the Boxhead series. Well, you probably guess….the objective is to survive…to stay alive at any cost! So, if you have played some of the other zombie games from the Boxhead series, you probably know what you need to do, but the difference is in the setting.

Game Walkthrough: And here you are in the middle of the field and it seems that nothing really happens. But suddenly waves and waves of creepy horrifying undead creatures, with the hands straight forward are coming towards you. Oh, you must stop them, or they will eat your brain like a piece of meat. You can`t let this happen! You must stop them. Ok, maybe this was a little bit exaggerated description of these zombies and it is probably more suitable for some other zombie games, but anyway these robot-like, box head zombies are creepy also. You have to navigate your character properly throughout the area and watch for the emerging zombies. As soon as you notice them, shoot! There is no time for waiting, because if they get too close to you, you are dead!!!

Game Instructions: At the end we have a task to present you the navigation tools or the control keys you need to use in order to play this game. Well, you should know that this is not a difficult game to play, but you must use the control keys properly. It is important to mention that most of these keys are from your keyboard, which means that the keyboard is the main thing you should use in this zombie game. Well, you should navigate the main character using the arrow keys from your keyboard. You should release a shoot pressing the 'Space bar'; Next/Previous Weapon can be chosen by pressing 'Z'/'X'; you can select weapon directly by clicking on the 'Number Keys'. And there is one more important thing to say and it refers to the control keys in general, By the way, all these keys you can redefine in Level selection screen with configure. And finally, if you want to pause the game, just click 'P' key. If everything is clear, start this zombie war and win the fight!

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