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Title: Dynasty Street

Description: Do you consider yourself as master in fighting? For those who will answer ‘yes’, there is no need for preparation for fighting. But, if you don’t know the fighting art, maybe you can learn some basic moves before you can try this game. To do that, from the ‘start menu’ select the option ‘the dojo’, and this section tells you step by step how you can practice the fighting moves and become number one in fighting. All you need to do is to read the instructions and try to follow them as best as you can. After you pass the training part, you can go back in the ‘start menu’ and select the mode you want to play. Depending on what kind of person you are, you can select one of the three modes: ‘adventure’, ‘survival’ or ‘tournament’. Choose the one you think fits you best and read the mission that you are given in that certain mode.

Game Instructions: When starting this game, you will notice that the game leads you all through the game-play. It gives you instructions on what to do, how to move, what kind of weapon you can select etc. Simply follow the messages written in the game with green letters and I’m sure you will be on your way to fulfill the mission.

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Added: 29 August 2012
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