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Title: Zombie Hospital

Description: The hospital should be a place where the healing begins and where professionals are looking over our health. But take a look at our twisted version of a hospital, a place where zombies attack you. They have nothing to lose and on the other hand, you are guarding something precious – your life.

We will give you a gun but what do you think, will just one bullet be enough? NO. They have come back from the grave so you have to be more persistent and do a little more than shoot once. If you’re not, you will become one of them - a cruel coldblooded monster that has no mercy. Blow their head up. It’s your only choice. But after terminating one zombie, you don’t even have a minute to take a quick breath; they are coming at you without a pause and sometimes it might look like you are in the center of a river of the “living dead”. Also be prepared for the element of surprise. Just around the corner there might be a zombie waiting for you – actually, they are all waiting for you! So take them to the grave. If you think about it, these lost souls can’t find their eternal piece and in some sense they are counting on you to take them to the grave. So, do a good deed and shoot them in the head!

Game Instructions: Your zombie killing machine is your computer mouse. You control the gun with the mouse and also shoot by clicking on the left button. Take a chance! Will you get out of this alive?

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Added: 4 February 2010
Rating: 3.69 [Rate]
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skyler3546 (28 May 2012):
xxxxtishxxxx (12 April 2011):
its awsome Happy
javanie (2 April 2011):
its cool Cool  Cool
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