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Title: 13 Worms

Description: Have you ever seen how worms can destroy a beautiful and shiny red apple? Seeking how the worms destroy the apples on the tree is not a good view or a good thing. So my friend, you have a really tricky mission to complete. You must help a roster to save his apples. This task may require jumping, climbing, running or any other activity that need to be done just to save the apples. You better prepare yourself, so you can respond to this mission successfully until the very end.

Game Instructions: To play the game you must follow the yellow circle that is appearing on different sides on the screen. When you see the circle, just click on it using the left mouse button and the next moment the roster will take certain action. See, I told you it’s easy game for playing… Follow the instructions on the screen and maybe you can win the battle with the terrible worms. Let’s see how you can play!!!

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Added: 28 August 2012
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