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Title: The Sagittarian 3

Description: For anyone that is really interested in a story of real action this is certainly the right thing to choose. There are many games that can offer you really exciting action situations, but not all have a good story behind it. And it is sometimes better to be involved in an interesting story, than just shoot all around mindlessly. Well, this time you will be a kind of advisor, and not just a direct participant in the action. You will be the one that will be totally responsible for the course of the story, and of course, the actions and deeds of the main characters. One of the most interesting things about this game is that there are 4 possible endings and you are the one that chooses how it will end. In fact, this game is a sequel of a story that continues and this one for the most part, as its creator says, is a lot more serious than the parts that preceded it. Join Sage and Anna, and their friends in the fight with zombies and try to stay alive. Hope there are enough surprises to entertain you all. Be cool!

Game Walkthrough: Your friends found themselves in some desolate and creepy places, such that are enwrapped in mystery. They are heavily armed, but all around them are hundreds nasty zombies. The point is to lead them through all this, and keep them alive. To the right are the titles of the possible endings. Choose on of the given. You will learn that sometimes luck is as valuable as skill and preparation. On the line at the bottom of the screen there is a playlist consisted of several songs which you can choose to play and accompany your story.

Game Instructions: Playing this game means that you should follow the course of the story and make decisions in the name of some of the characters. So, to control the situation you will have to use your mouse. Follow the captions under each picture, and just click the left mouse button over some of the given alternatives. It there is no alternative just click continue to proceed with the action.

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