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Title: Bulwark 53

Description: Sometimes the only way to find some answers is to pick up your gun and kill somebody. There are so many questions that bother you and you have to figure out things by yourself. Nobody will help you but thank God that you have your faithful friend, your loaded berretta. You might ask what types of questions are bothering you in this game. Well, you have waked up in an infirmary with no recollection of what have happened to you. You know that something isn’t right and you take your gun and go to get some answers.

Game Walkthrough:You are a real warrior looking for the truth. The most important thing you should know is that your enemies are zombies. You know, people that have died and now have risen from the dead. They are after you and want to taste your blood. It’s harder to kill them than an ordinary man. Why? Because they are already dead. But don’t worry it’s not an impossible mission. You have to work fast and shoot them in the head to eliminate them. Also you won’t be static in this game. You need to investigate the place you are put in. So, your character, your brave warrior has to go through this place and face the merciless enemies. Remember that your berretta is your most important friend. You have to aim precisely and without any fear to get the job done. This game demands a steady hand out of you just like a real gunman. Do you have that in you? If you do than it’s time to show it to the world. Remember that practice will make you better in this game. So don’t get frustrated if you don’t get the best score the first time you play it. Just repeat it over and over again until you become skilled as a real professional killer.

Game Instructions:You need your keyboard and your computer mouse to play this game. To move your character in this place use the WASD keys on the keyboard, to aim and shoot at your opponents use the computer mouse. So, sit in front of the computer screen and start killing some zombies.

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