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Title: Tequila Zombies 2

Description: Let`s go to Mexico! But not on a holiday, but on a Zombie killing action!!! Oh, yeah, this game called Tequila Zombies 2 will take you to some strange happening in Mexico! Sounds intriguing?!? Let`s see what actually happened there!

Game Walkthrough: And here you are in Mexico! So, here how the story goes….Once upon a time near the Mexican border a couple was driving on the highway when suddenly some strange creatures appeared from the distance! They get close to the car, get the girl, sink their teeth into her flash and turned her into a zombie! And she was not the only zombie there…there were many of them! So, the guy and the policewoman who came to see what actually happened are the people who must fight against those creepy zombies! Yeah, Tequila Zombies 2 is a great zombie game that gives a new sense to tequila shots! You can choose to play as a Miguel (the guy) or Jacqueline (the policewoman)! You need to fight hordes of drunken zombies and horrible creatures in order to survive! Another thing you should do in this game is to pick up weapons, tequila bottles, and chili peppers that will help you to exterminate zombies easier! So, if you pick up a chili pepper it will make you deal double damage to zombies for the time being and if you gather enough tequila this will enable you to use your unique strengths. So, come on, navigate your character properly throughout the space and be very careful, because those zombies emerge from both sides of the game screen! Try to earn as much money as you can and give your best to survive all the waves of zombies in each place. It doesn`t matter whether you will survive or die, you'll be able to keep the cash, which you can spend on weapons and other armaments.

Game Instructions: To play this awesome zombie game you should use the Arrow keys from the keyboard to move the character around and for the same purpose you can use the WASD keys. For aiming and shooting you should use the mouse and S or down arrow key to pick up the weapon! Good luck buddy!!!

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Added: 16 August 2012
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