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Title: Mexico Zombie Defense

Description: Mexico Zombie Defense is a captivating zombie strategy game, in which you won`t spend even one second fed up! So, let`s go to Mexico and see what is actually happening there! Oh, it seems that you will have to deal with those undead creatures called zombies! Yeah, you have to play for the Salvation Army, which has a task to put an end of the waves of zombies! You are actually the captain of the unit and you have to give your best in order to destroy the zombies!!!

Game Walkthrough: Before you start your battle against zombies in Mexico you will actually have to choose a flag in order to go there. There are four unique fighters: Trooper gets the job done-fast. Laser shoots a beam that cuts right through any zombies. Bazooka has a rocket made especially to blast whole groups of zombies. Sniper is a one shot, one kill kind of guy. By the way they all have a special price. So, the trooper costs 200 $; the Laser 300; the Sniper 400 and the Bazooka 500. So, after you decide with which of them you would like to play you should click on his icon and place him strategically on the map. Yeah, you will see those marked places at the ground, so just click there and your chosen soldier will be placed at that spot. You should also know that all the soldiers have a limited ammo stock, so you should click a soldier to check his supply. You should buy if he runs out of ammo and upgrade his weapons as well. In order to start the zombie waves you should also click the arrow at the upper left corner of the game screen, so that they can start emerging! There are detailed in-game instructions, so you better follow them in order to know what exactly you should do!

Game Instructions:To play this great strategy zombie game you need to use your mouse only! So, come on… If you are ready, and if everything is clear, you should start to deal with those creepy zombies!!!

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