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Title: Blood Bath Bay

Description: There is zombie unrest at the surface. The dead have risen from their resting places and started feasting on the flash of the living. Scientists have found out that a certain species of snail can produce genetic material that can be used to produce a cure for the zombie infection.

Game Walkthrough: Your mission is to dive to the bottom of the bay and gather the required 35 snails which are required to cure the humankind. Blood Bath Bay is a great and addicting game in which you have to lead your hero under water as you burn down fish and alien fish men. This game has a very unique setting and although it has a minimalistic graphics, it has a pretty good game-play. It is a very unusual underwater setting, a kind of hellish red surface in which you have to try to stay alive with air pockets and health fish. You should pick up the drill weapon in order to plow through zombies with ease. So, double jumping actually drops the drill. Try not to fall in those ditches, because in this case you will die! You should also pick up spears to add ammo to your spear gun. You need to flipper orbs to gain swimming ability for a brief amount of time. When it comes to the enemies, you should have in mind that you will have to face with a lot of enemies at the bottom of the bay. The majority of them are creepy undead creatures-zombies! But anyway, some of them are hidden under the ground. Some of them are hiding in the plain sight, while others will surprise you. You should use your knife and your spear gun in order to kill those creepy zombies!!! You should kill some fish in order to restore the health!

Game Instructions: This is a unique zombie game where you should use the arrow keys to move; you can attain double jump by pressing 'up' key twice. You should know that the movements in this game are pretty smooth, so you will have no troubles with this if you use the control keys properly. Other keys you need to use are the A key to attack with knife and S key to attack with spear gun.

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