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Title: Angry Zombies 2

Description: Are you disgusted by those creepy creatures called zombies? Yeah, who doesn`t? They are really hideous! They are neither dead, nor alive and luckily you can see them only on films and in zombie games…or maybe not? Maybe you believe that these creatures really exist? Hmm, never mind, we are not going to debate on this theme now, because in this game you will have to deal with them! There is no time to be wasted, so come on let`s see what is waiting you in this game!

Game Walkthrough: Are the zombies that you need to shoot at really angry? Well, of course they are! But one thing should be emphasized about this game! First of all it is a zombie game, but unlike some other zombie games where the zombies are represented as a really hideous creatures and the whole atmosphere is creepy that you can`t sleep after playing it, this one is not like that! yeah, the whole atmosphere as well as the graphics are some kind of cartoon like and for this reason exactly kids can play it too! Actually you will have lots of fun, because it is really addicting! So, ok, now let`s see how you should play! Well, as soon as you start the game, you will see zombies falling down from the sky hanged up on a balloon, and you should shoot at them with the weird plant like cannon with the green cannon balls! The good thing is that the reloading is automatic, so you don`t have to worry about that! For each shot zombie you will get a certain number of points depending on the distance and the precision. At first you will have to deal with a small number of zombies, but after a while, their number will increase, so you must react really fast! If a zombie falls near the cannon on the roof, you are done!

Game Instructions: You should use the mouse to move (to aim), and click on the left mouse to release a shoot, or the spacebar to release multiple shoots (cannon balls)! Well, come on! Defend the roof from those creepy zombies!!!

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Added: 10 August 2012
Rating: 3.00 [Rate]
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