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Title: Brains Will Roll

Description: There are various ways to train your knowledge in physics, but what do you think about finding a way to feed hungry zombies???

Game Walkthrough: Believe it or not, there are 21 interesting levels in this game that will guarantee you excellent fun! Your job in this game is very simple. All you have to do is to do is to feed the zombies with brains and for doing that, you will have to destroy those blue fixtures / objects, so the brain could find his way to the zombie. After you’ve destroyed the blue objects, you should wait for a while, to see where this brain would go, and would it get to the hungry zombie. The game will start with some really easy situations where it is very predictable what should you do, to send the brain on his place but every new level will be more advanced and it will ask from you to use your knowledge in physics if you like to pass it. in more advanced levels there will be more blue objects and you will have to find the order of destroying them, they will lead to moving other objects, them moving on the brain… it is very useful that each level can be replayed many times and that goes for a situation where you haven’t pass the level or for a situation where you are not satisfied with your score. Those zombies are really hungry but in situations when there are two or more zombies, it is recommended not to overfeed a zombie and reserve one brain for one zombie because if you don’t achieve that, you won’t pass the level again. You may think that you can think for solutions eternally but actually your total score depends from the time needed for solving the situation. As the time ticks away, you lose points so if you waste too much time on thinking, you can’t earn high score.

Game Instructions: Working left mouse button is all you need for playing this game. You will destroy the blue objects by clicking on them with the left mouse button and that’s it when it comes about the controls.

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Added: 9 August 2012
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