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Title: Youda Survivor 2

Description: Welcome to Youda Survivor 2! This is a great game in many ways, but the best things of all that the game stands alone and you don't need to play the first one in order to get familiar with the storyline. Here you are on the island where it all started in order to defeat the pirates who have stolen a holy talisman. Now you will have a chance to play a really amazing adventurous game! By the way the story is taking place in an island and you will have to mingle with a really old tribe! So, come on, you will be able to discover some new things there as for example some lost rituals and so on. Well, if you are ready for this great challenge, let`s go and see what else you should do on this remote and exotic island!

Game Walkthrough: There are many challenges i.e. chapters in this game like for example the Siege Modes, Hidden Masks and Medallions….so let`s explore all things here. You need to help your befriended tribe face your regular rivals, and get back the holy talisman that is omitted. You can improve your skills in order to survive on the island and stop the threat that is present on the entire place! So, you will have to pick up items left by your animals, pirates, and so on. You will need to build or make use of a device to make the raw items into products to meet the declared goals. And to do all these things more easily you will have to use some magic rituals! Oh, what you say about this? Sounds interesting enough?!? So, instead of money you will collect hearts in this game, which are the same function as money, except when you have zero hearts. In that case, you will hand out. To keep your hearts up, you will have to keep your hydration levels up, because it is as important as the hearts. This game have some similarities with the Farm Frenzy series but, there are some differences also and these differences mostly refer to the clicking…yeah, in this game there is less clicking which is great!!

Game Instructions: For the reason that it is just a point and click kind of game, the computer mouse is the only thing you need! So, click on the left mouse button and that`s it! Good luck and enjoy in this amazing adventure!

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Added: 8 August 2012
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