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Title: Grave Robber

Description: Perhaps you have heard about some people that steal from graves in order to sell the found item to someone but that is really ungrateful and shameful thing to be done. It might sound little bit strange for you but your task in this game will be similar to this, you will take the role of a grave robber… However, we are here on a web page for zombie games so we shouldn’t take things too seriously, no matter what our game is about, because when it’s about games, and it’s actually about having really good time!

Game walkthrough: Now we are officially telling you welcome in this weird game! The main character of the game (the character you are going to play with) is Dr. Frank Epstein. The story is little bit sad - Dr. Frank Epstein couldn’t find a girlfriend so he was searching in the newspapers to find a nice offer, if there is some girl with same interests. However it seems that no one likes what Dr. Frank Epstein likes, so he had decided to call to one strange advertisement that says that a perfect bride can be constructed choosing all right parts. This agency guarantees that they could breathe life to the girl but they don’t possess the parts of the girl. That’s why desperate Dr. Frank Epstein has decided to start digging graves in order to gather enough spare body parts to make his zombie bride. Actually you will have to collect all the body parts that every human has - two eyes, two arms, two legs, a body and a head. Do what you can, but be prepared to escape from the zombies that are walking around on the grave yard. Also know that the only way to face them is by having a chainsaw, if you don’t have that, you better run for your life! You have only three lives available so try to use them smart and accomplish the mission well.

Game instructions: For moving through the graveyard, you’ll be using the arrow keys from the keyboard. When you get to some grave, use the space bar to start digging.

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