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Title: Cemetery 2

Description: To be the sole reason why a big cemetery is made is a bad thing in real life. That means that you are a real killing machine and you have murdered so many humans. But what if your opponents are zombies and you are the reason why a zombie cemetery is built? That is OK. Why? Zombies are evil creatures that want to taste your blood and if you are brave and skilled enough to wipe them off the face of the earth that we are fine with that. Just pick up your weapons and start your mission!

Game Walkthrough:You have a position, your own place in this game that you must defend from the evil zombies that come to attack you. You are actually on the top of a big mall and you have weapons at your disposal. So, the zombies are coming and you need to eliminate them. This is actually not an easy task because they are so many and you are only one. If you let only one zombie, or as we call them the living dead, to enter the mall than this game is all over for you. Actually in here we are testing your reflexes and shooting skills. Of course the best way to kill your opponents is to shoot them in the head because they are zombies and one bullet might not be enough to take them to the grave. When you play this game expect and dynamic pace of the events that you must follow. If you don’t than it will be all over. So put on your headphones, focus and start with the zombie elimination process. Protect your mall from all of them!

Game Instructions:After reading all of this you might think that this game will be complicated to play but actually this is not the case and you can do everything you need to only with the help of the computer mouse. To shoot at the zombies just aim at them by moving the mouse and shoot at them by clicking on the left button and when you click on your character Drew than you throw a grenade. The best advice we can give you is to keep an eye on your enemies and put a bullet through their heads!

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