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Title: Blot in Hell

Description: Who knows how it’s like in hell because there is no single person that says that has been there and seen that. However believing that people that commit bad things go to hell is very old and it is what is written in the holy Bible, but we can’t know who believes in that… However, lets put religious things aside because you are going to hell in this game, no matter in which religion do you believe.

Game walkthrough: So, you had some accident and now you found yourself in hell. There is not something special that is going on there, except those creatures, probably zombies, that are attacking you all the time. This would be one simple zombie shooter game in which there is not too much to think, you simply walk and shoot everyone that comes at you. Those zombies are quite fast and in a second there will be many of them around you, so you will need to react really fast and kill them all because they won’t spare your life under any circumstances. Sometimes you could have the impression that jumping can save you from the zombies, that you could actually avoid them, but that won’t be possible because you can’t escape too far if you don’t face them all. Also try not to let those zombies come too near to you because that means losing life too. You have three lives available for the game, but it also gives you one extra, so try to use them good. Actually your main target in this game is to escape from hell so let’s see if you can manage that.

Game Instructions: The instructions for playing this game are quite simple. You will use the arrow keys for moving around, you shoot with A key from the keyboard and you jump with S key from the keyboard.

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Added: 28 July 2012
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