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Title: Altex 3

Description: Do you actually know what a zombie is? You have probably heard many stories about these creepy creatures. Zombies are called those human beings that show all the signs of a dead person, but somehow they are still alive. By the way, their brain doesn't function at all, they have lost all the senses, so they only have that basic human functions like the need of food and they look like they can hardly move because of the lack of energy! They are usually depicted as greenish creatures with the hands straight forward, moving slowly! Well, at least this is the most common depiction of zombies and hundreds of horror moves!

Game Walkthrough: If you play zombie games often, you probably know that these creepy creatures are usually coming in waves. But it this zombie game, things are a little bit different. You will have to deal with only one zombie, yeah, only one…and you might thing that it is a piece of cake, but wait a minute! You don`t know the whole thing! This zombie guy that at first sight doesn`t look like those creepy creatures you have seen in most of the other zombie games, is even more creepy than them. You can easily shoot him, but you know what? This same guy will show up from another corner soon after you shoot him. And as you shoot him, he will show up again and again…like he is untouchable. It seems like a nightmare! Oh, it is creepy! But, you know it really freaks you out and you want him to be gone for good, so it forces you to shoot at him like crazy! And the more you shoot, the more points you get! But you should of course be very quick, because he disappears quickly also if you don`t hit him immediately and you lose some of your health.

Game Instructions: So, the game-play is pretty simple and you don`t need any keys from your keyboard! The only thing you need to play this zombie game is your mouse! So point well towards your target (the zombie guy) and shoot as quickly as possible, clicking on the left mouse button! Come on, buddy…kill this multiplying zombie guy!!!

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Added: 27 July 2012
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