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Title: Funky Disco Zombies

Description: Are you prepared to her one strange story? There was a costume party but now it is over so the guests started to leave it…except some guests that look quite unusual, theirs masks look amazingly real, and not just that, they are able to fly as well! And they are not only few, their number is actually quite big and suddenly it is so cold in the room…what has actually happened? In one moment someone disappears, so what is hiding behind this happening? Are you excited to solve the great mystery and take a direct part in the story?

Game walkthrough: it is about an action adventure puzzle in which your task will be to destroy all the zombies, witches, and ghosts and help all those walking dead to get back from they have come from. This won’t be a simple game where you will shoot undead without much thinking but it is a game in which you will collect clues and work out the puzzle, finding every possible thing that will help you in your main purpose. That action of the game takes place in a haunted house and even if the party is over, all around you there will be numerous undead that seem to dance at the rhythm of the funky music. That doesn’t mean that you need to relax and continue to party but it is totally opposite! Run for your life and try to solve the great mystery that is spreading over this house, while you are still alive.

Game Instructions: Arrow keys will be a way to move in this game while the shift key from the keyboard will help you open or close doors but also to collect or activate items wherever you see a green flame. Your mouse will be a weapon that will be used for shooting, use high or shoot low, but also it would be used to activate items from your menu. The last instruction for playing the game is to look out for some secret knowledge that may help you solve the whole situation… so good luck, you will need it!

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