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Title: Dead Rain 3

Description: Have you ever heard about the zombie apocalypse? There are some claims that this thing is actually possible to happen through a zombie virus! Oh, this is a very creepy thing! But some scientists have found evidences that zombie apocalypse can actually happen due to a zombie virus that will spread really fast and this virus will make all people living dead. So, do you think that this can actually happen sometime in the future? You know, there are many stories and films depicting these incidents, so probably this zombie apocalypse is the worst of all evils that can happen to mankind. Just imagine all dead people rising from their graves because some virus that makes them half living and half alive. These creepy undead creatures are believed to eat human flesh and are especially keen on human brains. Ok, maybe this is impossible to happen and let's hope that it is only a myth!!

Game Walkthrough: So, this game i.e. video is depicting exactly this terrifying apocalypse, so you will have the opportunity to follow a really creepy story! You will see more zombie bloodshed than you have ever seen, so that`s why this video is not recommended for children. You will see hordes of greedy zombies who are trying to finish off Riggs! So, the guy i.e. the main hero in this incredible and creepy story is giving his best in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. So, do you think that this is possible or not? Well, be patient enough to see what will happen at the end of the story!

Game Instructions: Ok, so for the reason that this is just a video, you don`t have a opportunity to take action there. So you don`t need any control keys, except for the mouse with which you will have to click the play button, you can only watch the video and follow the story of this zombie apocalypse. It doesn`t last long, so you can watch it from the beginning till the end with no trouble. So, if you are in the mood for watching this kind of video, go ahead, it has interesting graphics and narrative!

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Added: 25 July 2012
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