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Title: Zombie Puzzle Game

Description: Well, we are all sick of those ugly and terrible zombies and we all fell like shooting when we see them, but this time you are not going to shoot at these creepy undead creatures, but you will actually have a task to solve a zombie puzzle! Does this sound challenging enough to you? We hope it does! So, let`s see how good you are in solving puzzles!

Game Walkthrough: Well, yeah, in this game you will have a task to reconstruct the jigsaw puzzle of this dreadful zombie back into place. Yeah, at first you will see the whole picture and you should click the 'shuffle' button in order to mix up the pieces! So, after you do this, you will have to click on a certain puzzle piece and drag it back to where it was before when the picture wasn`t mixed up i.e. at the place where it supposed to be. So, you should memorize the picture well and after you destruct it, it will be easier for you to get the piece at the right places. It is really simple! So, if you want to keep yourself challenged, there are a range of difficulty modes you can choose from. If you want a more relaxed mode then you can play the 12 piece Zombie Game Puzzle, and this one is really easy, but if you want a more challenging mode you can choose the modes that offer you more puzzle pieces! So, come on, choose according to your own preference, but it is better to start with the easy one and if you finish the easy one successfully, you can try the rest of these zombie puzzles.

Game Instructions: As in all other puzzle games here, you also have to use your computer mouse to solve it! So, yeah, the mouse is the only tool you need. Just take it in your hand and click on a certain piece with the left mouse button and as soon as you have it hold the left mouse button and drag it to the place where you thing it should be placed. Yeah, it is all just click and drag! So, do it properly and if you want a more challenging task, start the puzzles with more pieces! Good luck and have fun!!!

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