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Title: Zombie Bazooka 2

Description: There are many problems that need resolution, but there is a new one that requires immediate action. There are some zombies inside the city and they are here to stay. At least they think so! But, you know well, that they do not have brain to think and the point is that they are not the ones that will decide for that. This is our town and we will do anything to expel the nasty zombies. We already have a plan how to get rid of them. We selected some of the finest fighters and your job will be to guide them through the many levels in this long journey. Are you in? There are some lives you can save!

Game Walkthrough: Before you start playing the game, you will have the opportunity to select a character with which you like to play. There are four characters offered for selection: Barry Zooka, Ninjella, Bavis Tricky and The Big G. There are 45 levels in this game. The point is to shoot all the zombies at each level to complete the task. Try to aim well and give them head shoots to earn more points. Use whatever is available on each level to kill the zombies if there is no possibility of shooting them directly. There are some platforms that move when they are shot at, so you should consider using that. Also you should know that there are some superzombies that can't be killed with missiles only. Be careful, because there are some humans on some of the levels and you must not shoot them. If you do so even it is by accident, you will fail. So, avoid that and concentrate on the zombies. There is nothing else you should think of at the moment. Go out there and smash their empty heads. They do not need them anyway.

Game Instructions: To kill more zombies in this interesting zombie game, you should use your mouse. Move the mouse to set the angle and the force you need for the launch then just click the left mouse button to shoot the missile.

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