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Title: Brain Buffet

Description: During the day only human walk through the streets but around midnight is the time when all hungry zombies wake up and raise out of their graves, looking for some fresh human flesh. And what is a real delicates for zombies? – Brains, a zombie would definitely do everything in order to get to his favorite meal.

Game walkthrough: At the beginning of the game you will see that you are actually the only zombie on the streets while all around you there are many people running. And yes, those people are running out from you and they are surely right, you look them like running brains that wit to be eaten. So, your task is to eat all humans that are around you. You will chase them but also some of them will come at you running, so use every chance to bite them. There will be also some armed human that will like to kill you, and for you it is better to attack them from behind. Also you can beat opponents by jumping over them, and the jump will also use you to avoid cars. After you’ve eaten the brain of some human, it can be used to spit acid balls but also you may wait for a while, to upgrade yourself later. With every killed human you get infamy and your advancement can be seen at the infamy icon. In this great brain eating game there are 10 levels which give you different task each but however the point of each is the same – killing humans, but the number of required humans is different. You start with task of killing 5 humans but you end with 50; then you need to burn 5 humans; then 10, and the final tasks are to survive a night with less them 10 hp and to upgrade a skill to its maximum. The action begins in 12 o clock, at midnight and it and up at 5 o clock in the morning so make sure that you finish your mission fast.

Game Instructions: This game includes some bigger action because you’ll be running around, jumping, eating… To move through the streets of this city, you’ll be using the arrow keys. To jump you’ll be using X key, while for throwing acids you use Z key. To adjust the quality of the game, just press Q key from the keyboard.

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Added: 20 July 2012
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