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Title: Hungry are the Dead

Description: Zombies are terrorizing your town and are trying to eat all the people that live in it. It appears like everyone else has either given up or has been killed, so I am afraid that you are the only one brave enough left to take action. Are you going to sit back and wait for your death or are you going to do something about it?

Game walkthrough: Just because they are dead does not mean that they do not need food. But, in their case, they need different kind of food, not like the one we eat. Well, maybe that is not entirely true, since their food is you, and when eating you, they eat the food you have eaten, as well. You are located in an abandoned barn and you have ammo and weapons. All you need to do is be precise and kill any zombie that is coming in your way. Do not let them enter the barn, as you will most definitely be killed and eaten if they do. You have unlimited ammo and if you aim at their heads, you will kill them instantly. Try not to take much time reloading, as you will need to do this before each shoot, so you should practice it a bit and make it a habit.

Game instructions: Move your mouse to aim, and to fire click on the left mouse button. You will need to click on the ammo pile next to your character before each shot to reload one bullet into the rifle. To enter the grenade mode, hold space and then click on the left mouse button to launch. Before the game starts, you can choose the infrared laser scope which will enable you an easier targeting and hence, easier kill. For best results, you will like to aim for their heads as most zombies can be killed with a single headshot. Now that you have been briefed and instructed, you can start the operation – save your town and kill all the zombies and be a true hero!

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Added: 26 January 2010
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YOUR_MUVVA (4 July 2011):
this is a good game

danie m ya bam (26 February 2010):
this game is quite easy and kin a say hello ta chris sweeton n anton sweeton Happy  Happy  Wave
danie m ya bam (26 February 2010):
this game is quite fun but easy and kin a say hello ta chris sweeton nanton sweetton  Happy  Happy  Happy  Wave
danie m ya bam (25 February 2010):
if yu like games to complete with evrything done then this is a game for you

shoot out t michael 13 Happy
undead scorge (23 February 2010):
this is an awsome game
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