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Title: Be Zombied

Description: There are many famous ways for killing zombies like with use of a shot gun, use of chainsaw, burning them down, and many other options but today you will be able to experience on the most interesting ways for destroying zombies, a way that will asks from you to use some logic but at the same time it will be very addictive way that won’t let you leave the game before you get a high score… Check out what is this game about.

Game walkthrough: At the beginning of the game you will see one board full with different kinds of zombies. They all have different colors and shapes and are spread all over the board. So what can you do with all those zombies? The point of the game is to destroy them but how can be done that since there is no any gun around?! A condition for zombies to disappear is to make a line of minimum three same zombies. When you achieve that, the whole line will disappear including all zombies that have taken part in it. That can be achieved by changing the places of some zombies and know that only neighboring zombies can switch between each other. To be successful in the game you need to destroy as many zombies as you can in the limited time of 3 minutes but also to try making longer lines because they give you many points. It would be best if you manage to predict what will happen when certain zombies will disappear and react by a certain order that will give you many chances without getting to some blind spot. We know that this is an addictive game and you won’t leave it with only one try.

Game Instructions: Now listen carefully about the instructions. You spot that there are could be four same zombies in a row but one of theme is in the neighboring field. Click the different zombie from the row, and then click on the right neighboring field and they would change their places.

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