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Title: Attack of the Fever Heads

Description: Who knows how zombies appeared? Stories about zombies spread around since forever, but it has to be a spot from where it all started. According to some zombie ‘specialist’ it’s about some zombie virus that has been invented in a laboratory for experimental usage but things went out of control so now the virus is spreading all around. Let’s see how can you handle situation like this, can you destroy all the zombies that were your friends few hours ago?

Game walkthrough: You, together with you friend, are in this bio laboratory where something wrong has happened so now some zombie virus is spreading all around. This virus is called Green fever and it has infected almost every person in the lab and they are attacking you and your friend. Fortunately both of you are in a car so they can’t get you so easily but you need to be really fast if you like to escape from the zombies.. While you drive your car, you would need to destroy those monsters, in order to get some points. You will be doing that by using your pipes whenever one of them comes close at you. Your car moves by itself, you don’t take care about that, but you will need to change lanes in order to escape but also in order to kill zombies. Hitting them with your car may sound like a good idea but after some time it will effect on decreasing the speed of the car what will help zombies come to you and kill you. On your way, avoid hitting any obstacles and pick up the power-ups that you find. Also try to make combo hits because that will give you some bonus points.

Game Instructions: The instructions for playing this game go like this: with pressing Up and Down arrow keys, you change lanes while with pressing the space bar you bash the Fever Head closest to you, with your pipes. You may hit the zombie with your car, it will also decrease his energy but also it makes your car slower and when you are moving slower, the chances to be surrounded and attacked by zombies become bigger.

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