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Title: Infinite Slaughter

Description: Once again the earth will be overrun by those terrible monsters that like to destroy everything that will come at their way! Believe it or not, but you are the only human that has the responsibility to take care of the terrible situation, applying all of his available powers and weapons. What do you say? No one has warned you about this?? Well this is the plot of the following game that waits for you to start it playing, enjoy!

Game walkthrough: All monsters are same, they don’t understand nothing with words, you have to apply some bullets in the conversation if you like to calm them down, and we know that you won’t have any problems to achieve this! You have three lives to take care of the zombies that will start coming at you in waves. By taking care of them, we mean to kill them, of course. At the beginning of the game they are in one size but in every level they become bigger and bigger, that especially goes for the main zombie that will meet you at the end of each level. Except zombies, you will face some other incredibly ugly and dangerous monsters, but also huge spiders… By killing a lot of monsters earn some points and those points can be used for buying new weapons and upgrading the existing ones what will be extremely helpful for you, when you’ll meet the bigger creatures. That’s why you are supposed to kill a bigger number of monsters but all the time follow the arrow that will appear on the screen and leads you to the exit line and don’t let to be surrounded by monsters from all sides because that is hard to escape situation, even for the most skilled person.

Game Instructions: Chain saw, flame thrower, chain gun, are just one part of the weapons that will be available for you in the following game but however, your main weapon will be your mouse. You will move the mouse to aim and press the left mouse button to shoot. For moving through the space and the game, you’ll be using the arrow keys while the number keys from 1 to 6 will help you change your weapons.

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