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Title: Zombie Situation

Description: Have you ever fought against horrible creatures to protect the one you love? Yes, this sounds intense but if you want to experience the adrenaline rush that this type of a situation brings than this is the right game for you. Show us your bravery and willingness to protect your girlfriend … Common Romeo save you Juliet.

Game Walkthrough:Your enemies are zombies or to be more precise the living dead. We should explain it, we are talking about people that have died but have risen from the dead and now are a part of the dark side. They have come to your city and want all of the human dead (of course including you). You are coming home, hear about this on the news and realize that your girlfriend is out and at direct risk of being attacked by zombies. It’s you time to shine. Take your gun and start killing all the horrible creatures that are coming in front of you. As you progress in the game the mission gets harder and harder. But don’t worry, also as time passes you will earn money and you can spend them to buy different types of weapons. Also one of the best advices we can give you in the game is to shoot the zombies in the head. That is the quickest way to eliminate them. Be fast and as we’ve said be brave. Your girlfriend’s life is at stake. Keep that in mind as you blast the zombie’s heads. That will motivate you and make you a cold blooded killer.

Game Instructions:The most essential part in ‘Zombie Situation’ is the keyboard. Press the up and down key to move your character up and down. To shoot at the zombies press the space bar. As you progress in the game also the instructions part becomes harder. For example, the numbers on the keyboard come into play and by using them you change weapons. There is no need to talk any more. Zombie killing time has come and it’s your turn to show us what you are made of!

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